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Life with kanakeno

Imagine this.

Get up 15 minutes early in the morning.

Boil water in an iron kettle.

Welcome coffee brewed in mellow hot water.

A little more luxurious morning than usual.

Why don't you start having such a life with kanakeno?


Design that fits into your life

The iron kettle of kanakeno has a design that can fit our modern life while retaining the texture of a traditional iron kettle.

The spout is designed to be easy to pour and light enough for anyone to handle, as only a handmade product can do. It can also be used with an induction heating, and the handle of Akai Ringo can be folded.

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It's easy to use, and the more you use it, the more valuable it becomes.

You might think that iron kettles are difficult to use, but it is actually very easy. After you boil water with an iron kettle, empty it and let it dry. Because it is only used to boil water, you don't need to clean the iron kettle.

And the more you use it, the more "Yuaka(limescale)" will build up inside the iron kettle. This is by no means dirty, but rather, the more limescale it gets, the more mellow the taste of plain hot water becomes. We call it "to raise an iron kettle" by continuing to use the iron kettle and building up the limescale to the inside.

How to Use

Support Service

For those who purchase kanakeno iron kettle, we offer two support services.

One is "Lifetime Warranty Support", which can be repaired up to 2 times for free of charge. The iron kettle is durable enough to restore its condition, even if it is deeply rusted. I hope you will use it more and more in your daily life without fear of rusting.

The second is "daily support", where you can feel free to contact with the Tetsubin Concierge on messenger app LINE. We provide support on LINE so that you can feel free to contact us with any questions you may have during your daily use. Of course, you can also feel free to contact us by phone or email.

About Support Service

To a Healthy Life

Plain hot water boiled in an iron kettle has a soft and mellow taste. It also provides iron supplements, so it is recommended for people with anemia and pregnant women.

It's not just plain hot water.

Please try to imagine this. Get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning and boil an iron kettle.
We hope that incorporating Iron kettles into your daily life will also give you an opportunity to improve your lifestyle.

Life with an Iron Kettle

Reliable "traditional value"

Kanakeno's craftsmen work under the guidance of technical advisor Kazuyasu Tayama (a nationally designated Contemporary Master Craftsman, President of Nanbu Tekki traditional craftsman)

Kazuyasu Tayama is one of the most skilled craftsmen in the industry, and has been commissioned by Iwate Prefecture to create an iron kettle to be presented to the Emperor on the occasion of his enthronement in 2019.

The craftsmen continue to absorb the techniques under his guidance.

kanakeno's Craftsmen

Training of Young Craftsmen

In order to pass on the craftsmanship of master craftsmen to future generations, we are working on the "Akai Ringo Project", in which young craftsmen are involved in the entire process of iron kettle production at an early stage.

We were able to receive the 3rd Mitsui Golden Takumi Award for training young craftsmen and evaluating the quality of their products.

About the Mitsui Golden Takumi Award

Creating a Fun Life

We would like the use of iron kettles to lead to an "enriched life" and "fun".

We will continue to update the life of iron kettles with users, such as providing daily information to kanakeno iron kettle users on LINE and holding a event called "Tetsubin School".

Why don't you enjoy and join this "Tetsubin life" together?

Iron Kettle School

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Q. Can iron kettles be used with induction heating?

A. Yes, it can also be used with induction heating.

kanakeno's iron kettles can be used with most heat sources such as gas stoves, induction heatings, reflective stoves, camping gas burners, and charcoal fires.
* If you use an iron kettle with induction heating, please check the corresponding bottom diameter size of your IH. If the size of the bottom diameter is not supported, it may not respond.
The bottom diameter of the iron kettles of kanakeno are 8cm to 8.5 cm. Please see the Product Specification Listfor details.

Q. Is it true that I can replenish iron from the plain hot water boiled by iron kettle?

A. It has been academically proven that iron is eluted in hot water boiled in an iron kettle, and most of it is divalent iron that is easily absorbed by the body.

By drinking iron kettle hot water, you can replenish iron in a natural way, and you can easily incorporate it into your daily life. We recommend that you use it as a supplement with your daily meals.

However, please note that iron kettles with enamel processing inside the iron kettle cannot be replenished with iron.
* All kanakeno iron kettles are manufactured so that iron can be replenished.

Q. What should I use for boiling water?

A. It is okay to use tap water at home.

Boil tap water in an iron kettle to soften the odor of chlorine and make the hot water mellow and delicious. (*The taste of water is slightly different depending on the area where you live.) 
For details, see"Basic Usage"here.

everyone's tetsubin time



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