Creating a special iron kettle gift to celebrate the succession to the throne of the emperor.

天皇陛下献上鉄瓶 南部砂鉄 石割桜紋南部形鉄瓶

In November of the first year of Reiwa, to celebrate the coronation of the Emperor, Iwate Prefecture, the Iwate Prefecture Mayor's Association, and the Iwate Prefecture Municipal Association presented the Nanbu iron kettle produced by our technical advisor Kazuyasu Tayama.

The cherry tree was designated as a national natural treasure in Japan in 1923. (Ishi means rock. Wari means to split. Zakura(Sakura) means cherry blossom. So the meaning of Ishiwarizakura is The Rock Splitting Cherry Tree.)


The iron kettle is named as  "Nanbu sand iron Ishiwari-zakura Nanbugata Tetsubin" that is designed with an image of cherry blossoms which is located in the centre of Morioka city.  The shape is the traditional "Nanbugata" of Nanbu Iron Kettle, which is made of  sand iron, which is very resistant to rust and is made by the ancient Japanese method.

The design on the kettle is enhanced by stacking up the petal patterns irregularly which expresses the gorgeousness of the cherry blossom. 

There are also Arare patterns (the small balls) around the lower part (the hem) of the iron kettle to represent the Rock, and to symbolize the strength of the cherry blossom growing while splitting the rock.
天皇陛下献上鉄瓶 南部砂鉄 石割桜紋南部形鉄瓶

The young craftsmen belong to kanakeno are also growing day by day under the guidance of Tayama. We hope to continue to strive to pass on this proud tradition.

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