How to Use Iron Kettles

"Is it difficult to use the iron kettle?"

You may have concerns, but it's actually easy.

Let's take a look how to use the iron kettle.

1. Pour Water


"Is mineral water better for boiling water?"

We often receive such inquiries, but that is not the case.

We use our normal water supply for filling the iron kettle. Even with tap water, by boiling it in an iron kettle, the smell of chlorine disappears and it becomes as smooth mellow hot water that you can get the health benefit of iron intake from it.

2. Boil Water


Set it on an induction heating or gas stove and heat it over low to medium heat.

Since the iron kettle of kanakeno is available to most heat sources, it can be used on a reflective stove, a gas burner used in camping, a charcoal fire, a brazier, etc. 

3. Pour hot water


To prevent rust, pour out all the hot water.

When using with induction heating, the handle of the kanakeno's  iron kettle does not get hot, so you can hold it with your bare hands.

* In the case of gas stove, the handle gets very hot, so please hold it with a cloth.

* The lid of the iron kettle gets very hot in both induction heating and gas stove, so please use it carefully.

4. Dry with remaining heat


When it is used up, open the lid and let it dry. It dries quickly with remaining heat.

This is the basic use of the iron kettle.

*It is difficult to dry naturally after the iron kettle has cooled off, so please heat it with lower heat for a short time and dry the inside thoroughly.

Unnecessary things⇨Washing


"How should I wash the iron kettle?"

We often get the question, but in fact, we basically don't wash the iron kettle.

You don't have to wash it because the only thing you can boil is just water.

Particularly, do not wash the inside!

The "oxide film" attached by the craftsmanship peculiar to Nanbu Tekki to prevent rust may be taken off.

Of course, do not use detergents either.

There is no need to wash the outside either. If you wash it too hard, the lacquer coating may come off.

If you are a little worried, try wiping it off with a dry cloth.

If you still find any stains, please feel free to contact the Tetsubin Concierge on LINE with your photo.

And the most important thing in using the iron kettle is

To build up Yuaka (limescalse) to the inside of the iron kettle.

If you continue to use it without washing it, limescale will build up to the inside.

At first glance, it may seem dirty, but it is actually evidence that it will grow into a "good iron kettle."


The inside of the iron kettle that I have been using every day for about two years. Limescale and red rust have appeared and are growing steadily.】

As the limescale build up, it prevents from rustting, and plain hot water also becomes more mellow.

And the outside of the iron kettle also changes.

As you continue to use it, the lacquer and rust will blend in with the iron kettle, creating a good texture.

The iron kettle on the left is used every day for about 2 years. The right is new

 *Changes in the iron kettle vary depending on the usage and environment.

Thus, to use iron kettles is to raise it. 

We hope that all of you will enjoy the aging of the iron kettle, which changes its taste each time you use it.


Finally, review again.

Boil tap water, and after it is used up, dry it with remaining heat and do not wash it.

And enjoy the aging of the iron kettle.

that's all.

Actually, it's a very easy to handle an iron kettle.

Also, if you rust your iron kettle, don't worry, kanakeno has two support services.

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