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Life with an iron kettle

The iron kettle of kanakeno is made by the authentic technique cultivated in the history of Nanbu Tekki, which is said to be 400 years old.

The iron kettle will naturally fit into your life, as if you were trying to regain a careful routine in your fast-paced modern life.

Originally, the iron kettle is like being handed down from parent to child, and from child to grandchild.

We guarantee the quality of the iron kettle by inheriting the technology from our predecessors and sticking to the manufacturing method that is handmade in all processes.

In addition, its skillful technology realizes ease of use that is close to everyday life.

It weighs about half the weight of an industrial iron kettle of the same capacity, is easy for anyone to handle, and can be used with induction heating. 

It's actually very easy to handle, which may seem difficult if you don't know it.

In the basic usage of the iron kettle

Please use the iron kettle on a daily basis and enjoy the texture that changes gradually.

Using an iron kettle, it may seem to growing.

However, those who are new to iron kettles may be worried.

Please be assured that we also offer support services.

For details, see Lifetime Warranty Support / Daily Support

Why don't you start your life with an iron kettle?

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