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About Sakura Fubuki

The buds of cherry blossoms are represented by the knobs on the lid, and the cherry blossoms that depict the flow of time from full bloom to the falling cherry blossoms from the lid to the body.


It is a quaint iron kettle that has both gorgeousness and fragility, with many decorations on the lid, which is rare for iron kettles.


The round shape with the lid and body overlapping in a straight line and the spout that stretches out give a noble impression to the iron kettle, and it has a beauty that makes you want to look at it.

Although it has a capacity of 1 liter and is large enough to drink tea for 3 to 4 people, it weighs about 1.2 kg and can be easily handled with one hand.


The larger lid makes it easier to fill the iron kettle with water regardless of the shape of the faucet.


The vine is easy to grip by using a bag sack, and the traditional decoration * worm-eaten makes it easier to escape heat, and when boiling with IH. Has a structure that does not get hot enough to be handled directly with bare hands.


* Insect-eating is the decoration of a small hole in a vine. 

The spout, which is particular about running out of hot water and easy to pour, is designed so that slightly thin hot water comes out, and the details are adjusted by craftsmen, so you can use it in your daily life without stress.

模様付けに使う絵杖[Painting wand used when drawing petal patterns] 

Each petal is drawn with a pattern, and the unpatterned part is intentionally given a delicate and deserted texture by adding a pattern called skin with fine sand grains.

It is technically very difficult to express delicacy, and we use high technology to express it.


The tooth black, which is applied after brown colored with lacquer, has the traditional technique necessary for rust prevention and to make the shadows of the petals stand out.



There is a reason for sticking to the expression of "transience" so far.

This iron kettle was created in collaboration with NPO Sakura Line 311
 who is planting cherry trees at the arrival point of the tsunami in Rikuzentakata City, the area affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck in 2011 .

NPO法人桜ライン311 桜の植樹の様子

"Sakura Fubuki" was completed under the design supervision of Mr. Shouma Okamoto, the representative of Sakura Line 311.

Mr. Okamoto's design is based on the idea that "I wish I could express the fragility of life from the buds to the falling cherry blossoms."

There is something I want you to remember from its fragility.


Sakura Line 311 who inherits the memory of the earthquake to posterity and kanakeno who inherits the culture of iron kettle to posterity, both representatives are of the same generation, and they are friends who have known through reconstruction support activities of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and they are alive. As a symbol of the times, we co-produced it as something that can be handed down with nature in future life.

A part of the sales of this iron kettle is donated to the activities of Sakura Line 311.


*Packing image

Product Details


Height: 24 cm ( including handle)

Body diameter: 14cm

Bottom: 8.5 cm

Weight: 1.2kg

Pattern: Cherry blossom petal pattern stamping

Serial number: listed on the bottom

IH: Available

* It may not be supported depending on the IH model and bottom diameter.
For details, see the instruction manual of your IH.

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  • Each item is handmade by a craftsman, and we may receive an order and work on the production, so it may be difficult to deliver it immediately after ordering. Please note.
  • As a current guideline, it will be shipped within 8 months after payment . (Please note that it may change slightly) If you are in a hurry, please contact us.

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    Q. 鉄瓶はIHでも使えますか?

    A. はい、IHでも使用可能です。



    kanakenoの鉄瓶の底径は8cm~8.5cmとなります。 詳しくは製品仕様一覧をご覧ください。

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