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Mizore Arare
Mizore Arare
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Mizore Arare

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About Mizore Arare

みぞれあられの鉄瓶 棚に収納している様子

*Mizore means "sleet", Arare means "hail" in Japanese.

While retaining the appearance of a traditional tetsubin, the Mizore Arare gives a stylish and somewhat new impression.

みぞれあられの鉄瓶 模様アップ

Traditional Arare patterns are often drawn evenly, but by making them random, there is no one that is the same, expressing the warmth unique to handmade products.

This "Arare pattern" is randomly arranged like sleet hitting the earth, which is also the origin of the product's name.

I hope that this "Mizore Arare" can express the "breaking tone" that has been emphasized as the aesthetics of the Japanese people.


Inspired by the acorns of Quercus acutissima, the form gives nice and pretty a petite impression, unlike the iron kettle with a heavy image.

The shape of the body is based on the acorn of Quercus acutissima.

みぞれあられの鉄瓶 湯を注ぐ様子

Contrary to its appearance, the capacity is 1L and the size is enough for 3 to 4 people to drink tea.

And it weighs about 1.1 kg, which is one of the lightest iron kettles, and can be handled easily with one hand.  

みぞれあられの鉄瓶 湯口の大きさ

The larger lid makes it easier to fill the iron kettle with water regardless of the shape of the faucet.  

みぞれあられの鉄瓶 IHで湯を沸かす様子

The handle is easy to grip because of the traditional style of handle  “Fukurozuru”, and the traditional decoration *Mushikui  makes it easier to escape heat from the handle. When boiling with induction heating, you can touch the handle directly with bare hands.

みぞれあられの鉄瓶 虫食い

*Mushikui is the decoration of a small hole in handle. 

みぞれあられ 湯を注いでいる様子

The spout, which is particular about pouring easily, is designed to produce just the right amount of hot water for daily use, and is adjusted to the smallest detail by craftsmen, so you can use it in your daily life without stress.


The standard black one, favored by both men and women, and the brown one, which gives a softer impression, are both designed to blend comfortably into modern life.


Each hail that cannot be imitated by mechanical mass-produced products, and it is an only one design that is created by craftsman with his rhythm, feeling and enthusiasm at the time.

It's simple and no one is the same.

A basic product that preserves the 400-year tradition of handicrafts.

*Packing image

Product Details

Capacity: 1.0ℓ

Height: 23 cm (including handle)

Body Diameter: 14cm

Bottom: 8 cm

Weight: 1.1kg

Pattern: Arare 

Serial number: listed on the bottom

Induction Heating: Available

* It may not be supported depending on the induction model and bottom diameter. For details, see the instruction manual of your induction heating.

Delivery Time

  • Each item is handmade by a craftsman, and we may receive an order and work on the production, so it may be difficult to deliver it immediately after ordering. Please note.
  • As a current schedule, it will be shipped within 8 months after payment.(Please note that it may change slightly). If you are in a hurry, please contact us. 


Q. 鉄瓶はIHでも使えますか?

A. はい、IHでも使用可能です。



kanakenoの鉄瓶の底径は8cm~8.5cmとなります。 詳しくは製品仕様一覧をご覧ください。

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