Time Limited! Free Shipping Campaign!

●○Special Campaign to Enjoy Stay Home●○

kanakeno has launched a “Free Shipping Campaign” which is supported by the Morioka local government.

This campaign is applied to either  “Mizore Arare (Brown/Black)” or “Sakura Fubuki”. This is only available from 15th January 2021 to 28th February 2021 by 1PM (JST).  *The international shipping is available on conditions.

Additionally, we will present two special gifts in line with this campaign! The one is a lid cover hat which is created by homespun artists, the other is 4 bags of specialty coffee bag! 

It is a limited edition and limited number, please don’t miss the big deal!

●○kanakeno’s original lid cover hat●○


The lid cover hat is a cover that is put on the lid of an iron kettle so that it can prevent your fingers from burning while pouring hot water. It is cute and small but a helpful item for an iron kettle.

These lid cover hats were created by three of homespun artists. Homespun is a local craft in Morioka for over a hundred years. These lid cover hat were made of i-wool (Iwate wool), three of them were created for only this campaign.

These are one-of-a-kind, only sold here and limited number.


◼️Mizore Arare(Brown)


◼️Mizore Arare(Black)


◼️Sakura Fubuki

Image of how to use a lid cover hat.



●○BOUND COFFEE Specialty Coffee Bags(Dark roast coffee×2、Light roast coffeex2)●○

This specialty coffee from BOUND COFFEE is one of the most popular cafe menu at “Ocha to Tetsubin engawa“.
Since it is a tea bag type of coffee, all you can do is to pour hot water to your mug directly, and then you can enjoy a “delicious authentic coffee” at your home.


These items are good for a gift to your loved one.


The details are as follows;

【Terms and conditions】

◼️15th January 2021~ 28th February 2021. Orders will be accepted by 1PM on 28th February 2021. (JST)
*We will close the campaign as soon as the number of orders reach at the certain amount.


【Contents of the campaign】
◼️Mizore Arare(Brown):1piece
Lid cover hat(Orange×White):1 piece
Coffee bags:4bags(Dark roast coffee×2, Light roast coffee×2)

◼️Mizore Arare(Black):1 piece
Lid cover hat(Navy×White):1piece
Coffee bags:4bags(Dark roast coffee×2, Light roast coffee×2)

◼️Sakura Fubuki:1piece
Lid cover hat(Pink):1piece
Coffee bags:4bags(Dark roast coffee×2, Light roast coffee×2)


◼️Mizore Arare Combo(Brown/Black):¥65,000(Including tax ¥71,500)【Only 5 units for each color】
◼️Sakura Fubuki Combo:¥110,000(Including tax ¥121,000)【Only 5 units】

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*Please contact us via inquiry form or Email if you are in abroad. The shopping carts below are not available for international shopping. Inquiry Form
Email : info@kanakeno.com

※A part of sales of Sakura Fubuki will be donated to the NPO cooperation SakuraLine311.


※A mug in the picture is excluded from the campaign.
※The iron kettle will be packed with only simple rapping. It won’t come with a wooden box. Payment for a wooden box is required if needed.
※Not able to change the combination of the lid hat color and the iron kettle.
※The lid hat is handmade, each of them is slightly different.


About orders


  • Shipping will be done around the end of February, 2021.
  • This campaign can be applied to only these countries that EMS accepts.

※Please check if your country is eligible to be sent by EMS before the purchase. Click here to see the EMS website
※For some countries and regions, customs clearance fees and tariff etc. may be charged. In that case, importers (customers) may have to pay for the fee directly to the delivery staff when the products are delivered.
※Customers may have to pay for the additional fee based on EMS’s damage compensation system. Click here to see the details.

※For further information, please directly contact customs in the country/region in which you will receive the delivery.
If you refused to pay the tariff and/or clearance fee, and the product is returned to Japan, reimbursement for the product (including the delivery charges) will not be made.
※The clearance fees and tariff might be even higher than the amount of products you have purchased.
※If the product amount is within the duty-free allowance amount, you do not have to pay tariff.
(However, the allowance amount can be very low)

◼️Payment method

  • “Paypal” or “Credit Card / VISA, JCB, MASTER, AMEX”

◼️Return policy

Return/Replacement of Defective or Damaged Items
  • In case of receiving a defective item, please inform and send it to kanakeno. Kanakeno will exchange the item.
  • The shipping fee of defective item is paid by kanakeno. Please send it as a “cash on delivery” if it is available.
<In case of the customers’ personal preferences.>
  • You need to return your item that you purchased on kanakeno’s online shop within 8days of your receiving an item. If 8 days have passed after the item arrived, kanakeno will not be able to accept returns or exchanges for any reasons.
  • All shipping fees are paid by customers.
  • You need to return your item within 3days after you call kanakeno.

Kanakeno will inform you how to pack your item.

◼️Additional information

Please check「特定商取引法に基づく表示」.